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A vehicle painter applies various types of coatings such as corrosion inhibiting primers, fillers and finishing coats on interior and exterior parts of the vehicle using various methods in accordance with specifications. A qualified student will be able to:

  • Inspect the quality of the surface to be painted
  • Prepare surfaces for painting
  • Mix and apply primers according to requirements
  • Mix and apply top coats/finishing coats to prepared surfaces according to job requirements
  • Inspect the quality of the final painted product
Minimum Admission requirements

Minimum Admission requirements

Minimum Grade 11 but preference given to Grade 12.

Career Opportunities

CAREER opportunities

Upon successful completion of the qualification students may be employed in the Automotive Body repair industry or in the Marine industry as a Vehicle Painter.



This is a 3-year programme. Students rotate between spending time at College and time spent in the workplace.

Course Content

Course content

Knowledge Modules

  • Health and Safety Compliance, NQF Level 2
  • Basic hand and power tools (pneumatic and electric tools), NQF Level 2
  • Air supply equipment, NQF Level 2
  • Surface preparations, NQF Level 2
  • Vehicle painting materials,
    NQF Level 2
  • Basic colour mixing and matching, NQF Level 2
  • Vehicle painting tools and equipment maintenance,
    NQF Level 3
  • Vehicle painting techniques,
    NQF Level 3
  • Removing paint imperfections, NQF Level 3
  • Colour matching, NQF Level 3
  • Defects on a painted surface,
    NQF Level 3
  • Quality management principles, NQF Level 3
  • Customer service management, NQF Level 4
  • Specialised vehicle painting,
    NQF Level 4

Practical Skill Modules

  • Inspect surface to be painted,
    NQF Level 3
  • Prepare for primer application, NQF Level 3
  • Mix primers, NQF Level 3
  • Apply various primers,
    NQF Level 3
  • Mix various top coats/finishing coats, NQF Level 4
  • Apply various top coats/finishing coats to prepared surfaces,
    NQF Level 4
  • Perform finishing activities,
    NQF Level 4
  • Analyse quality of final product to meet specifications, NQF Level 4

Work Place Modules

This qualification also requires the following Work Experience Modules:

  • Vehicle inspection processes,
    NQF Level 3
  • Surface coating preparation processes, NQF Level 3
  • Primer mixing and application processes, NQF Level 3
  • Top coats/finishing coats mixing and application processes,
    NQF Level 4
  • Finishing processes, NQF Level 4
  • Quality assurance processes,
    NQF Level 4
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