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Mechanical Fitter


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About this programme


The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a student to be able to fit, maintain and repair sub-assemblies and machines.

A qualified student will be able to:

  • Apply hand skills to fabricate mechanical components using engineering tools
  • Perform engineering maintenance on mechanical components, sub-assemblies and machines
  • Repair, install and commission sub-assemblies and machines
Minimum Admission requirements

Minimum Admission requirements

Grade 12 with Mathematics and Physical Science

Career Opportunities

CAREER opportunities

The Mechanical Fitter is a recognised trade qualification which prepares the candidate to work effectively in various industries by making use of their skills and to meet the challenges of such an environment.

In the field of engineering, fitting is characterised by the provision of engineering maintenance, repair and installation services and support in a variety of industries. The equipment requiring such service and support ranges from sophisticated equipment to antiquated single station machines.

People working in the mechanical engineering field require specialised technical skills and knowledge, as well as highly developed hand skills in order to meet the mechanical engineering requirements of diverse industries.

The primary focus of this curriculum is to develop the ability to repair and install complex mechanical assemblies and diagnose and repair equipment and machinery during production/operation.

Qualifying students are able to maintain and support the various policies and procedures related to the safety, health, environment and quality systems that govern their workplace.



This is a 3-year programme. Students rotate between time spent at College and time spent in the workplace.

Course Content

Course content

Knowledge Modules

  • Basic Engineering Theory
  • Fitting Theory

Practical Skill Modules

  • Fabricate simple components or work pieces using basic hand skills and hand tools
  • Fabricate components or work pieces using power tools or machinery
  • Dissemble, clean and inspect mechanical sub-assemblies
  • Replace components and assemble mechanical sub-assemblies and machines
  • Do fault-finding on mechanical sub-assemblies and machines
  • Repair mechanical sub-assemblies and machines
  • Install and commission mechanical sub-assemblies and machines
  • Overhaul mechanical sub-assemblies and machines

Work Experience Modules

  • Fabrication processes in an engineering workshop
  • Routine mechanical component and machine maintenance processes
  • Maintenance planning and communication processes
  • Repair mechanical faults on mechanical sub-assemblies and machines
  • Overhauling processes in an engineering workshop
  • Structured planning and communication processes in the workplace
  • Engineering workshop control processes
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