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Occupational Certificate:
Panel Beater


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About this programme


The purpose of this qualification is to equip students with skills and knowledge to operate as a Panel Beater.

A Panel Beater repairs damages to metal, composites (including fibre glass, rubber, plastic) on a vehicle and forms replacement body panels.

A qualified student will be able to:

  • Perform automotive body repairs
  • Remove and refit automotive mechanical components
  • Perform auto-electrical repair activities
  • Analyse damage to vehicles
Minimum Admission requirements

Minimum Admission requirements

NQF Level 2 qualification with Mathematics.

Career Opportunities

CAREER opportunities

A Panel Beater repairs damage to metal and composites (including fibre glass, rubber, and plastic) on vehicles and forms replacement body panels.

The qualification also aims to address a range of related occupations like that of autobody repairer, automotive trimmer, chassis straightener, rust repairer, vehicle finisher. The competencies which the student will acquire will enable him/her to perform a range of activities to repair/rehabilitate a damaged vehicle.



This is a 3-Year Programme. Students rotate between time spent at College and time spent in the workplace.

Course Content

Course content

Knowledge Modules

  • Automotive body repairs theory, NQF Level 4
  • Automotive mechanical theory, NQF Level 3
  • Auto-electrical theory, NQF Level 3
  • Analysis of damage, NQF Level 4

Practical Skill Modules

  • Remove and refit automotive body components, NQF Level 3
  • Perform basic repairs to vehicle bodies, NQF Level 3
  • Perform advanced repairs to vehicle body and structure,
    NQF Level 4
  • Remove and refit vehicle mechanical components and perform wheel alignment,
    NQF Level 4
  • Remove and replace auto-electrical components and perform diagnostics,
    NQF Level 3
  • Analyse damage in terms of job cards and report to the supervisor, NQF Level 4

Work Experience Modules

This qualification also requires the following work experience modules:

  • Removal and replacement processes for a range of automotive body components and trim in an auto-body workshop, NQF Level 3
  • Basic vehicle body repair processes, NQF Level 3
  • Major vehicle body repair processes, NQF Level 4
  • Removal and replacement of mechanical components,
    NQF Level 3
  • Removal and refitting of auto-electrical components and performance of basic fault-finding, NQF Level 3
  • Analysis of damage against job cards, NQF Level 4
  • Structured planning and communication processes in the workplace, NQF Level 4
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