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National Certificate N4-N6:
Public Management

National Certificate
Public Management


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About this Programme

About this programme

The Public Management course addresses the skills, knowledge and experience needed in public/government departments across South Africa.

The programme integrates academic knowledge and theory with practical experience that will be obtained during the internship. Students will learn about legal principles as well as management and governance.

This course consists of N4, N5 and N6 certificates. After completing the N6 certificate students are required to provide proof to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) of 18 months’ work experience in the relevant industry, in order to qualify for the National N Diploma. The National N Diploma is issued by the DHET if all requirements are met.

Admission requirements

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Senior Certificate; or
  • National Senior Certificate (NSC) (Grade 12); or
  • National Certificate Vocational [NC(V)] NQF Level 4

You may be asked to attend an assessment and interview.

Career Opportunities

CAREER opportunities

Administration work within the following Public Institutions:

  • City Councils
  • Regional Services
  • Local Government (Municipality)
  • Provincial Government
  • National Government
  • District Councils
  • Local Authorities
  • Small Businesses


  • Each level takes six months full time to complete.
  • A total of 18 months to complete the theoretical components (N4, N5 and N6).
  • Each level consists of four Subjects. On completion of a level, a student is awarded a certificate at that level.
  • 18 months practical experience in the work environment (in-service training).
  • It takes a minimum of three years to qualify for a National N Diploma.
Course Content

Course content

N4 Certificate

  • Introductory Accounting
  • Management Communication
  • Public Administration
  • Computer Practice

N5 Certificate

  • Computer Practice
  • Public Administration
  • Public Finance
  • Municipal Administration

N6 Certificate

  • Public Law
  • Public Administration
  • Public Finance
  • Municipal Administration


Introductory Accounting:

Introduces the basics of Accounting from source documents up to drafting basic financial statements.

Entrepreneurship and Business Management:

Promotes in students an understanding of the principles on which the South African economy is founded and cultivates in students an interest in and a skill for personal entrepreneurship. Gives students insight into the management environment within which the business functions. Develops in students the characteristics and skills which enable entrepreneurs to start and successfully manage their own businesses.

Management Communication:

Equips students with the necessary knowledge (theoretical) and skills (practical) of verbal and non-verbal communication to function efficiently and professionally in the business world. Inculcates acceptable norms and ethics applicable in the business world in terms of self-development, interpersonal relationships and social interaction.

Public Administration:

Provides students with a comprehensive representation of the South African government system and the governmental processes involved in running the state. Provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become efficient incumbents of posts and officials in the state, provincial and local departments of the public sector.

Computer Practice:

This subject introduces students to MS Office, using Word and Excel to perform a variety of office tasks.

Public Relations:

Public Relations N5 focuses on the management, through communication, of perceptions and strategic relationships between an organisation and its internal and external stakeholders.

Public Finance:

This subject explores how public funds or money are managed.

Municipal Administration:

This subject will provide students with knowledge of the South African municipal government system and the administrative processes involved in running a local authority system.

Public Law:

This subject looks at the development of public law in South Africa.

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