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National Certificate (Vocational) [NC(V)]:
Finance, Economics and Accounting
NQF Level 2-4

About this Programme


The National Certificate (Vocational) offers students a vocational alternative to an academic Grade 10-12 by offering specialised training on NQF Levels 2-4.

If you would like to qualify with a specialised NQF Level 4 Certificate (Grade 12 equivalent) that will enable you to find relevant employment once qualified, the National Certificate (Vocational) is for you.

This programme will equip you to work with accountants in big companies, or do the bookkeeping of smaller concerns. It will open further opportunities for you in these fields and equip you for further studies within the financial sector.

Admission requirements

Minimum Admission requirements

The minimum entrance requirement for the National Certificate (Vocational) at Level 2 on the NQF is a Grade 9 Certificate or NQF Level 1 equivalent.

Career Opportunities

CAREER opportunities

  • Finance Clerk
  • Accounting (Private & Public)
  • Bookkeeping
  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Investment Broking
  • Cost Accountant Assistant
  • Creditors Clerk
  • Debtors Clerk
  • Financial Accountant Assistant
  • Internal Auditor Clerk
  • State Accountant Assistant


The NC(V) is a 3-year, full-time qualification with a certificate at NQF Level 4.

Course Content

Course content

Fundamental Subjects NQF Level 2-4

  • English First Additional Language
  • Life Skills & Computer Skills
  • Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy

Vocational Core Subjects

  • Entrepreneurship, Level 2
  • Financial Management, Level 2-4
  • Economic Environment, Level 2-4
  • Applied Accounting, Level 2-4
  • Project Management, Level 3-4


English First Additional Language:

English language skills and content will be refined: listening and speaking, reading and viewing, writing and presenting, language and communication in practice.

Life Skills & Computer Skills

Life Skills is the study of the self in relation to others and to society. This subject addresses knowledge, values, attitudes and skills about the self, the environment, responsible citizenship, a healthy and productive life, social engagement, recreation and physical activity, and career choices. Computer skills are abilities and knowledge which allow you to use computers and related technology such as word processing software, access the Internet, manage files, or create presentations.


This subject empowers students to solve problems creatively and critically using numbers, functions and algebra, data handling, space, shape and measurement and finance.

Mathematical Literacy:

Mathematical Literacy provides students with an awareness of and understanding of the role that mathematics plays in the modern world. Mathematical Literacy is a subject driven by life-related applications of mathematics.


Students will be taught to start their own business as well as develop their own business plan. They also gain experience in developing questionnaires and conducting research.

Financial Management:

The focus of this subject is on abilities for managing new ventures. This includes basic business calculations such as Retail/Wholesale practices, income statement and shrinkage. The curriculum also includes basic financial calculations.

Economic Environment:

Keeping themselves informed about the current business and industry affairs and in addition, the international trading environment, students will be equipped with a basic understanding of economic principles and procedures.

Applied Accounting:

Students will be trained in basic accounting concepts, payments and receipts transactions, credit sales and purchase transactions. The detail of the content will increase on every level.

Project Management:

This subject provides the student with the discipline of defining and achieving targets while optimising the use of resources (time, money, people, materials, energy, space, etc.).

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