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National Certificate N4-N6:
Management Assistant

National Certificate
Management Assistant


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About this Programme

About this programme

Being a Management Assistant presents one with a wide range of career opportunities.

It involves providing assistance and support to senior staff members, and includes a wide range of office administration duties, communication, organisation and information processing. You will be equipped to play a valuable part in the efficient management of any office environment.

This course consists of N4, N5, N6 certificates. After completing the N6 certificate, students are required to provide proof to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) of 18 months’ work experience in the relevant industry, in order to qualify for the National N Diploma. The National N Diploma is issued by the DHET if all requirements are met.

Admission requirements

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Senior Certificate (Grade 12); or
  • National Senior Certificate (NSC) (Grade 12) or
  • National Certificate (Vocational) [NC(V)] NQF Level 4

You may be asked to attend an interview.

Preference will be given to learners with experience in:
Computyping / Typing / Computer Applications Technology (CAT) / Computer Practice or Information Processing

Career Opportunities

CAREER opportunities

  • Frontline Reception
  • Personal & General Secretarial Service
  • Private Secretary
  • Self-employment
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Data Capturer
  • Management Assistant
  • Office Administrator
  • Personal Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Secretary
  • Typist
  • Administrator
  • Switchboard Operator


  • Each level takes six months full-time to complete.
  • A total of 18 months to complete the theoretical components (N4, N5 and N6).
  • Each level consists of four Subjects. On completion of a level, a student is
    awarded a certificate at that level.
  • 18 months practical experience in the work environment (in-service training).
  • It takes a minimum of three years to qualify for a National N Diploma.
Course Content

Course content

N4 Certificate

  • Information Processing
  • Communication
  • Introductory Accounting
  • Office Practice

N5 Certificate

  • Information Processing
  • Communication
  • Computer Practice
  • Office Practice

N6 Certificate

  • Information Processing
  • Public Administration / Entrepreneurship
  • Computer Practice
  • Office Practice


Information Processing:

Information Processing (IP4) equips the student with the necessary skills to utilise the computer and to attain keying-in excellence, to develop accuracy and speed for the successful operation of an office.


Communication equips students with the necessary verbal and non-verbal communication knowledge (theoretical) and skills (practical) to function effectively in the working environment.

Introductory Accounting:

Introductory Accounting provides students with a basic knowledge of accounting, helping them to understand the concept of contra accounts and how to do basic financial transactions.

Office Practice:

Office Practice provides secretarial students with the required knowledge for a secretarial career and with the practical skills in office procedures, to perform with self-confidence the functions attached to the post of secretary and eventually the post of management assistant.

Computer Practice:

Computer Practice enables students to utilise the computer and peripherals functionally and to apply software application programs independently and with confidence in an office environment.

Public Administration:

Provides students with a comprehensive representation of the South African government system and the governmental processes involved in running the state. Provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become efficient incumbents of posts and officials in the state, provincial and local departments of the public sector.


Entrepreneurship and Business Management studies the different aspects of starting your own business. It provides basic knowledge of how to draw up a business plan and all the necessary aspects needed for a business plan.

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