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Seascape Marine Services Propels Educational Excellence with Generous Inboard Engine Donation

Seascape Marine Services, a leading name in the maritime industry, has demonstrated its commitment to education and training by generously donating a Yanmar inboard diesel engine to False Bay TVET College’s Yacht & Boat Building department. This strategic collaboration underscores the vital role that partnerships between industries and educational institutions play in providing students with practical training opportunities and elevating the overall quality of education.


Seascape Marine Services not only provided the engine but also went the extra mile by delivering it to False Bay TVET College. This act showcases a dedication to supporting education and training within the marine industry. The collaboration between Mr. Achmat Geyer and Mr. Gavin Botha, sparked during the BOATICA 2022 Boat Show, exemplifies the significance of networking and engagement with industry partners, leading to valuable contributions like this engine donation.


The False Bay TVET College Yacht and Boatbuilding Academy stands as the only accredited institution offering a qualification in boat building and repair, supplying skilled artisans to an estimated 70% of marine manufacturing capacity in the country. Seascape Marine Services aims to become the preferred supplier of high-quality, innovative propulsion and onboard power solutions, related products, and services to the African Maritime Market, providing sustainable and valuable solutions for the challenges customers face.


Seascape Marine Services is dedicated to constantly expanding its product range, offering top-notch marine and agricultural products that align with the evolving needs of the South African Yacht and Boatbuilding sector.


The donation of the Yanmar inboard diesel engine fulfills the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) requirements for the Occupational Training Certificate – Boat Builder & Repairer (Boat Building). This not only meets the qualification authority’s standards but also alleviates financial burdens on the college, making the educational program more accessible.

Mr. Jamie De Jong, Director at Seascape, expressed the positive collaboration between Seascape Marine Services and False Bay TVET College serves as an exemplary model of how industry and educational institutions can collaborate, benefiting both students and the maritime sector at large. This mutually beneficial partnership contributes significantly to the development of skilled professionals in the maritime sector.


While the College has received an inboard engine, they are actively seeking an outboard engine donation. Boat-building companies or marine equipment suppliers interested in contributing to the educational advancement of students are encouraged to contact Mr. Achmat Geyer, the Programme Head for Yacht and Boatbuilding at False Bay TVET College, Westlake Campus.

Delivery of the Motor
Elgreco Klaasen (left) 

Godfrey Samuels, Achmat Geyer, Che Steyn (Seascape Marine), William Johnson, Godfrey Smith

Inboard Motor for Training
Che Steyn (Seascape Marine), Godfrey Samuels, Achmat Geyer


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