Centre for  Entrepreneurship &  Rapid Incubator (CfE|RI)
Centre for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator (CfERI)

The Tech Hub

The term incubation is commonly used in chicken farming where favourable conditions are created for eggs to hatch and grow in a controlled environment, and in hospitals where special care and an environment is created for premature babies to grow.

This concept is used in business development, where those in start-ups are incubated from the initiation stage to a stage where the business can thrive on its own. Business incubators offer business support services such as bespoke business management training, coaching and mentoring, linking business to markets and to finance opportunities, and offering equipment and space for businesses to operate until they reach sustainability.

The TECH Hub is available to:

Start Ups


Scale Ups


Growth Businesses

Growth Businesses

Growth Businesses

CFERI Technical Resources

The CFERI has the necessary infrastructure, facilities, equipment and tools that entrepreneurs can use to design and make their products or prototypes. This is backed by product development and technical support and coaching. This facility helps businesses in the technical and manufacturing fields to build attractive products and gain traction in their businesses.

Technology Resources consist of the following verticals:

Furniture and Metal Fabrication Mini Factory

With tools, welding, milling and turning equipment.

Maker's Space

Computers with engineering and general design software, 3D printing, laser cutting and vinyl cutting equipment.

Coding Lab

Consisting of a 10-seater computer lab for the benefit of entrepreneurs in the ICT, digital and design Industries.

Drone Accelerator Facility

Fitted with high-performance 3D printers, milling and electronics for entrepreneurs who venture into the drone operation, maintenance and manufacturing space.

Technology Business Incubation offering

Technology Business Incubation

The Technology Incubation programme came as a result of SEDAT and DEDAT funding received to add technology to our offering. This funding required the CFERI to add a coding lab, a drone accelerator facility and a programme with upskilling interventions suitable for the success of businesses in the Technology and Manufacturing sectors. This is an 18-month pilot programme designed for entrepreneurs with qualifications, experience, ideas and existing businesses in the IT, Drone, Electrical/Robotics and Generic Advanced Manufacturing sectors.

The programme consists of three key interventions:

  1. Venture Acceleration Training
  2. Technology Upskilling (Drone/AI Skills)
  3. Coaching, Mentoring, Links to Markets and Finance

Below is a summary of training workshops for the Technology Incubation Programme:

1. Entrepreneurship Venture Acceleration Programme

  • Module 1 Business Opportunity & Strategy Analysis: Online GrowthWheel Onboarding & Coaching Basics
  • Module 2 Building Lasting Customer Relations
  • Module 3 Organisational Development
  • Module 4 Profitable Operations
  • Module 5 Business Plan
  • Module 6 Art of Pitching & Close-out presentations

2. Drone and Technology Business Upskilling

Generic Workshops

  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Skills
  • Project Management
  • Communication Skills

Technology Upskilling

  • Coding Basics
  • Drone Accelerator & Maker’s Space Essentials (Laser Cutter, CNC Router, 3D Printing)
  • Engineering Drawings: Solid Works
  • Introduction to Drones
  • Drone Compliance Workshop

3. Prototype Evaluation Competition

  • Design Formation/Improvement
    (1 month)
  • Prototyping/Manufacturing
    (1 month)
  • Testing & Competition

Business and Industry

Call for interested entrepreneurs with technology-related business ideas:

The Centre for Entrepreneurship at False Bay TVET College is looking for entrepreneurs with technology Rapid Incubator related ideas to be part of an 18-month business support programme consisting of Pre-incubation, Learning, Upskilling Interventions for Coding and Drones, Coaching, Mentoring, Design and Manufacturing Support.

Register your interest below: