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When the students become the teacher!

Meet 3 gentlemen, all employed at Robertson and Caine Boatbuilders and whose training career started, when they each completed their Level 2 – 4 in Yacht and Boatbuilding at False Bay TVET College.

Today, these gentlemen are Training Officers, responsible for the upskilling and training of staff for South Africa’s largest boat builder manufacturing for export, the largest builder of catamarans in the Southern Hemisphere and the third largest globally.

We asked them for any advice they would like to share with future boatbuilders, and they said:

Zohdie Mallick, graduated in 2014

What does an average day at work consist of / what do you do?

“I administer all training needed at a specific factory, train young learners/trainees, through an 18 months training program and teach them skills to develop them within the company.”

What advice / inspiration would you give anyone thinking of studying/working your current profession?

“Never sell yourself short and say it’s too late, it’s never too late. If you love the work you are doing, then you are meant to be doing it.”

Muhammed Rifat Cornelius – graduated 2017

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“Helping the trainees gain the skills needed in the boatbuilding sector and seeing them improve and excel as they grow and master their trade.”

Do you have any other comments or advise you wish to share?

“I am always grateful for False Bay College and the doors it has opened for me. I would always recommend anyone looking to further their studies to trust FBC to take them to their dream job.”

Keegan Adams – Graduated 2011

What is the most challenging part of your chosen career path?

“Encouraging trainees to continue the program despite the challenges and issues they are facing outside of their work. Some of our learners come from very difficult circumstances and backgrounds.”

Most memorable False Bay TVET College experience?

“While studying, I enjoyed being part of all aspects of boatbuilding, figuring out what you enjoy working with most. I also have this very fond memory of when we all went out for a 24-hour sailing experience. “

Through the ongoing relationship with Robertson and Caine and the College, the students continue to gain great Work Integrated Learning opportunities which often, lead to permanent employment.

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