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Mr. Aphiwe Adonisi Triumphs Again: A Testament to False Bay TVET College’s Commitment to Excellence.

False Bay TVET College proudly announces another remarkable victory by Mr. Aphiwe Adonisi, underscoring the College’s dedication to participating in competitions that elevate its calibre and enhance the expertise of its lecturing staff. Mr. Adonisi’s latest win comes because of his outstanding performance in the Fosh Learning Project-Based Education and Training programme, sponsored by Sasol.

The prize was presented by Fosh Learning CEO, Mr Harald Fleischmann, winner, Aphiwe Adonisi alongside Electrical Department Head, Mr. Marlon Higgins.

The Fosh Learning programme, designed to bolster lecturer capacity by exposing them to industry-leading project-based scenarios, has proven to be a platform for Mr. Adonisi to shine. His unwavering commitment and dedication to excellence have once again paid off, as he emerged victorious in a competition that required cross-trade participation in electrical, plumbing, and welding fields.

Mr. Adonisi’s diligent participation in the programme has not only showcased his exceptional skills but has also brought honour to False Bay TVET College – Westlake Campus for the second time. His triumph in this competition has earned him an inverter and backup battery system, further solidifying his reputation as a top performer in his field.

“Mr. Adonisi’s success in the Fosh Learning programme is a testament to his talent, dedication, and the high standard of education and training provided by False Bay TVET College,” says Mr. Bradley Schrickker, Campus Manager of Westlake Campus. “Participating in competitions like these not only raises the profile of our college but also strengthens our relationships within the industry, opening doors to further business growth opportunities.”

False Bay TVET College congratulates Mr. Aphiwe Adonisi on his remarkable achievement and applauds his ongoing commitment to excellence. His success serves as an inspiration to both students and staff, reaffirming the college’s position as a leader in providing industry-relevant education and training.

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