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False Bay TVET College students making their mark at the Inter-College TVET Entrepreneurship Regional Competition

Ms Nafeesa Dinie – Centre Manger: False Bay TVET College Centre for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator

False Bay TVET College students making their mark at the Inter-College TVET Entrepreneurship Regional Competition

False Bay TVET College competition participants and coaches:

From left to right;
Thomas Mvumvu, Brian Mopp, Luzuko Ntutu Athini Matyityilili, Banele Mjayezi Nafessa Dinie

Front kneeling:
Sethu Klaas Abduraghmaan Sasman

The Allan Gray, Future Managers & DHET TVET Inter-College Entrepreneurship Regional rounds of the
3-round National Competition took place on the 18th of August 2023 at the West Coast TVET College, Vredenburg Campus.

Last year False Bay TVET College hosted the Inaugural event of the 1st year of the National Inter-College TVET Entrepreneurship Competition.

The winners of the Northern and Western Cape TVET Colleges 4 category internal rounds competition annually compete for a space in the Regional rounds. The Regional rounds is represented by the 8 Regional Colleges in the Northern and Western Cape.

Winners of the NC & WC Regional Rounds will progress to the final round of the National TVET Entrepreneurship Competition taking place on the 1st and 2nd of September 2023 in Johannesburg, where all 50 TVET Colleges across the Country will compete.

Mr Abduraghmaan Sasman (GID 5’s) and Mr Banele Mjayezi (Traae Bona App), competed in the “I have a business idea” category. Mr Sethu Klaas (K2 Digital Scanner) and Mr Athini Matyityilili

(Faku IT) competed in the “I have tech business” category and Mr Luzuko Ntutu (Smoko’s Grill) and Mr Bryanne Mopp (Inborn Creations) competed in the “I have a general business” category.

There has been a huge increase in the number of entrants, and well as the quality of the business ideas and elevator pitches, demonstrating that the bar has been set high.

False Bay TVET College is extremely proud of all the FBC students who competed in the Internal and Regional rounds. It has been remarkable to see these young student entrepreneurs’ levels of confidence increase over the last few weeks as they prepared for the regional rounds, as well as their ability to apply the entrepreneurial skills acquired to refining and improving their pitch decks and presentations.

Their passion as budding entrepreneurs came through strongly throughout the competition, as they competed in a tough competition with their peers across the 8 colleges, as well as presenting to a large audience and a diverse panel of judges.
It is not easy do a 3-minute business elevator pitch to a panel of judges and a full house audience. This demonstrates the tenacity and drive of our young-student entrepreneurs who are ground breakers and innovators, and for this we commend each and every one of them.

Of the 6 False Bay TVET College who competed at the Regional rounds, 3 students secured places in this round of the competition. Mr Athini Matyityilili secured 1st place, and Mr Sethu Klaas, took 2nd place in the “I have a business idea” category.

Mr Bryanne Mopp received the Future Managers Student-preneur 2023 Special Award. Mr Bryanne Mopp entered the competition last year and did not secure a place in the FBC internal college rounds. As a determined young entrepreneur who is driven to succeed, he entered the competition again this year, and took the learning lessons of last year and put it into doing research and applying the entrepreneurial skills to improve his business concept and pitch. After winning the prestigious Future Managers Student-Entrepreneurs Award, when asked by his peers how he felt, he shared with his fellow students that there was a time during this year’s competition when he felt disheartened, doubted himself and wanted to give up, but then shook it off and decided that he will continue and see it through. He was in shock and filled with excitement when his name was called announcing him as the winner of this prestigious special award.

When asked about their competition journeys’ and experiences, the students made the following statements:

Abduraghmaan Sasman: “Beyond Expectation”


Sethu Klaas: “I am filled with joy and accomplishment that this past few weeks were a stepping stone towards my dreams”


Luzuko Ntutu: “Thank you CfE (Centre for Entrepreneurship) for bringing out the best in me. I shall apply all of your teachings to make my business successful”.


Bryanne Mopp: “I had the best experience that I ever felt with the CFE, it really encouraged me to never give up on your dreams and to always preserve, because you will see results”


Athini Matyityilili: “I want to thank the people who were involved from the beginning, they mentored us and guided us to success. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.”


Banele Mjayezi: “Since I entered the Allan Gray Makers and Future Managers Entrepreneurship Challenge, I have learnt valuable skills that are needed for opening a business. I learnt new concepts. Overall it was a great experience.”

For more information, please contact the False Bay TVET College Centre for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator at 021 201 1215 / Nafeesa.dinie@falsebay.org.za

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