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National Certificate N4-N6: Tourism

National Certificate
N4-N6: Tourism


Muizenberg Campus
Full Time Studies
About this Programme


If you are passionate about travelling, learning about South Africa and the international tourism industry, then a career in tourism is for you.

Good organising, planning and communication skills are essential in the tourism industry. Elements of the tourism industry include working with many tourism-related service providers. The tourism industry is a service-orientated industry, offering the best service to leisure and business travellers who embark on a journey.

The National N Diploma consists of three semesters of six months each to complete the theoretical components of N4, N5 and N6. Thereafter, once the students have successfully completed N4-N6, they will complete 18 months’ in-service training. The Work Integrated Learning department will be able to assist students in finding a suitable placement in the tourism industry. During the 18 months’ practical in-service training the students will complete a tourism logbook. The logbook is submitted to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). The National N Diploma is issued by the DHET if all logbook requirements are met.

Admission Requirements

Minimum Admission requirements

Grade 12 Certificate

Career Opportunities

CAREER opportunities

  • Travel Consultant
  • Tour Operator
  • Reservations / Airline counter staff
  • Tour Planning and Designing
  • Travel and Tourism Office Management and Operation
  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Car Rental Reservationist and Receptionist 


  • Each level takes six months full-time to complete.
  • A total of 18 months to complete the theoretical components (N4, N5 and N6).
  • Each level consists of four subjects. On completion of a level, a student is awarded a certificate
  • 18 months’ practical experience in the work environment (in-service training)
  • It takes a minimum of three years to qualify for a National N Diploma
Course Content

Course content

N4 Certificate

  • Tourist Destinations
  • Travel Services
  • Tourism Communications
  • Travel Office Procedures

N5 Certificate

  • Tourist Destinations
  • Travel Services
  • Tourism Communications
  • Travel Office Procedures

N6 Certificate

  • Tourist Destinations
  • Travel Services
  • Travel Office Procedures
  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Introductory Computer Practice N4


Tourist Destinations:

Tourist Destinations provides the opportunity for a student to embark on a virtual tour with textbooks and videos. Starting off in N4, tourist destinations within South Africa are covered, progressing to N5 during which Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands are covered, and ending with N6 with Europe, the USA and the Middle East being covered. This can feel like a journey around the world in three semesters.

Travel Services:

Travel Services enables students to manage a passenger’s itinerary in terms of the various travel components. It provides the student will a well-rounded approach to tourism operations, a major part being fare calculations and ticketing. Also not forgetting the importance of rail, cruise and accommodation bookings.

Travel Office Procedures:

Preparing tourism students with a good basis for understanding and applying the techniques of marketing and selling business and incentive travel, as well as public relations applicable to the tourism industry.

Introductory Computer Practice:

Computer practice is the study of the integrated components of a computer system (hardware and software), practical techniques for efficient use and application to solve everyday problems. The solutions to problems are designed, managed and processed via end-user and online collaboration applications and communicated using appropriate information and communication technologies (ICTs). ICTs are the combination of networks, hardware and software as well as the means of communication, collaboration and engagement that enable the processing, management and exchange of data, information and knowledge.

Hotel Receptionist:

Preparing professional receptionists who can accurately and efficiently perform the duties and functions of a hotel receptionist and thereby project and contribute to the image of the business.


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