False Bay College

Registered Field Guide is living the dream!

Jared Meyer is living the dream! As a registered Field Guide he is out in the bush every day with visitors sharing his knowledge about flora and fauna. 

Jared completed his National Certificate Vocational in Tourism with False Bay TVET College in 2019. With plans to complete his National Certificate in Tourism, Jared was presented with an employment opportunity with the Garden Route Safari Camp in 2021, and has been loving it ever since. 

Jarryd MeyerJared is grateful to the College for the theoretical and practical experience received, however he says that nothing can prepare you for the real working world. “I couldn’t have done it without Stephen, the head guide at Garden Route Safari Camp. His extensive knowledge and personable approach helped prepare me for the challenges of working away from home and adapting to a new field of work,” said Jared. Jared is following in his father’s footsteps, and is grateful for his father’s trust, support and guidance in his career choice.  

An average day on the conservation consists of at least two game drives, one at 6am and one at 4pm. Days without visitors are not off days.  There is always lots to do and learn including conservation practises, fence patrolling, the watering and planting of new trees, research and data analysing. An avid bird watcher, Jared is able to identify nearly 200 different species of birds. Studying the behaviour of the animals is so captivating and rewarding that Jared feels like he has found his dream career path.  

When next you visit the Garden Route, make the Garden Route Safari Camp a stop on your itinerary and say hi to Jared as he takes you on a tour of the African bush.