Provincial Student Structures Chairperson elected

Congratulations are in order as False Bay TVET College sees one of their students elected into a rather important position in the TVET sector.

Siphokazi Zanazo, a student at False Bay TVET College studying Office Administration, has been elected chairperson of the Western Cape Provincial student structure and she says she is looking forward to serve. Her election came as a surprise, she says, but don't get it wrong, she definitely believes in herself.

Zanazo describes herself as someone who is independent and creative but also says she underestimates her potential as a student leader but looking at her election and her intentions for her term, she definitely won't be disappointing anyone.

Siphokazi ZanazoShe says “I intend to emerge my province as a strong leadership body ahead of the other provinces across the TVET sector. I wish to encourage strategic planning along with each individual personal development through diversity and morality across the Western Cape TVET Colleges and beyond.”

Her duties as the Provincial Chairperson includes working towards providing a safe learning and sound environment for all students and to lead others working towards the same goal, amongst others.

The newly elected Provincial Student structures will serve one academic year and have duties spanning across:
• Support students with student performance, exam results, certification, academic support.
• Student Funding in the form of Financial Aid and Allowances
• Student Wellness
• Campus Safety
• Disability

On what improvements she thinks could be done in the TVET sector, Siphokazi states, "Our sectoral accreditation must be nationally recognised and I hope to see all students benefiting from the financial support that the government has availed."

The new Provincial Chairperson will advocate for student safety on campus and residences which she says will minimize the high Gender Based Violence cases in the TVET sector.

Not only does Siphokazi aim to develop the TVET sector through diversity and morality, but she also hopes to enhance her leadership skills and strengthen her weaknesses through this position which will only make her role that much better.

She hopes to thank her Student Support Officer, Student Support Manager and Deputy Principal Academic Services at False Bay TVET College who mentored her and had a very encouraging and motivational push which gave her hope.

"I hope we will obligate ourselves to comply with the guiding principles we will use to run the organisation", says Zanazo.
She goes on to say, “Do not be a leader who is driven by personal gains but a leader that even if you have one follower you will never betray their trust and hope in you.”

Serving alongside Siphokazi will be the newly elected Secretary General, Siyabonga Mtshiselwa, who is currently in his second year of Information Technology studies at South Cape TVET College. 

Image: Siphokazi Zanazo

Writer: Sakinah Samuels, writer Career Portal