False Bay College receives NSF Funding

Looking at the footprint of False Bay College one cannot deny the fact that there are areas where the level of poverty makes it impossible for young unemployed people to pursue further education and training.  Countrywide this problem affects approximately 3 million people between the ages of 16-24. The Minister of Higher Education and Training called for a “Skills Revolution” to address this very serious problem.


The Innovation and Development Department of False Bay College decided to heed to the Minister’s call to make the revolution happen. Some serious work followed under the guidance of Karin Hendricks and funding proposals were submitted to various Sector Education and Training Authorities at the end of 2010. The SETAs ,however,  were being reorganised and could not help.

As a last resort, a funding proposal was submitted to the National Skills Fund in May 2011. A pleasant surprise followed when the College was contacted by representatives of the NSF for a due diligence visit in June of last year. And as the saying goes.....the rest is history.

False Bay College is the first FET college in the country to be awarded funding by the NSF. Approval was given for training fees and a stipend for students to be trained in Hospitality, Early Childhood Development, Electrical Engineering, Animation, Bookkeeping and School Business Administration.   

The late Kader Asmal, in his capacity as Minister of Education, referred to FET colleges as the Cinderella’s of education and training in South Africa.  By giving False Bay College an amount in excess of R17m, the National Skills has enabled Cinderella to get to the ball. And now it is up to us to prove that Cinderella can not only dance, but in fact, dance very well. 

Chris Merts