Future Ready – State of the Art Video Conference Facility

False Bay TVET College, Westlake Campus, Centre for Specialisation for Mechanical Fitting is one of the first recipients of a state of the art video conferencing facility, alongside Tshwane South TVET College, Pretoria West Campus, Centre of Specialisation for Mechanical Fitting.

Video Conference Facility StakeholdersPart of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), National Open Learning Systems Project, this addition will facilitate information exchange through video and multimedia. This sub-project was made possible as part of a bilateral agreement between the Governments of India and South Africa to build the infrastructure in TVET Colleges. The collaboration a tribute & legacy project of the late Ghandi and Mandela centenary.

The total investment from the India Government in the region of $4 Million US (R 60 Million) will be utilised for the fitting and supplying of top-shelf equipment, services, facilities, maintenance and training, ensuring the video conferencing facilities are equipped for seamless utilisation.

Embracing the changing landscape of education due to the 4th Industrial Revolution, the video conferencing facilities will build the capacity to share, collaborate and massify the implementation of the Centres of Specialisation projects.

The video conference facility capabilities will enable a lecturer, subject expert or guest speaker the ability to interact real-time with students located in multiple locations via audio or video, while using multimedia or digital tools such as the interactive whiteboards. Functionality will too include the ability to have presenters speak from equipped classrooms or individual computers at any location via the internet. High quality microphones in each classroom will enable people to be clearly heard via the conference system, from any location in each of the classrooms.

Once installation handover inspections are completed at the pilot campuses, phase two and three in the expansion rollout of this technologies to be deployed at the 26 other TVET colleges with Centres of Specialisation.

False Bay TVET College would like to thank the India Government and representative Mr Jyothis Pallath for their invaluable investment and SIEFA, Project Manager, Mr Paulos Mahlangu for facilitating this project.