Networking for Entrepreneurs: Co-ordinated by Centre for Entrepreneurship/Rapid Incubator

Centre for Entrepreneurship/Rapid Incubator (CfE/RI) hosted an intimate cocktail evening. The purpose of the evening was to introduce external industry and business to the work of the centre and more importantly, expose its beneficiaries to these external stakeholders.

One of the key functions of the Centre, is that of Market Linkages. It is imperative that aspiring entrepreneurs build their business idea and model with a real market in mind.
Consequently, the CfE/RI introduced beneficiaries to such markets through as many marketing opportunities. The event hosted ten businesses with possible linkages in mind.

The value and purpose offered to those businesses attending as follows:
Possible Enterprise and Supplier development linkages where investment into the Centre could be leveraged and recognised within its BBBEE codes.
Qualifying beneficiaries could step up from enterprise development to supplier development and plug in to the supply chain of the Company.
The Centre could also act as a hub where vexing problems within the Company may be offered bespoke solutions through the creativity of the Centre’s beneficiaries.

CFE RI CCFMAdditional value was also added through the presence of the Colleges WIL and Partnerships functions on the evening, four of our beneficiaries presented themselves and their business to the audience.
Consequently, two of the CfE/RI Beneficiaries were given a media opportunity to share their story on a local community station which was well received by its audience.  It is in building ability to present oneself and one’s product, that connection with external parties is strengthened.