Higher education by a different route - Apply for a NC(V) Programme

Annually in South Africa, thousands of matric learners wait anxiously in early January for the all-important National Senior Certificate examinations results to be released. For many, the NSC will unlock job or higher education opportunities, especially if they secured a bachelor’s pass.

  For those who fall short of the mark or failed, prospects of employment without vocational training or further education are dismal.

Luckily, these learners have an alternative route to higher education as they can meet the minimum requirements for admission to a higher education institution through the National Certificate (Vocational) or NC(V).
A completed three-year NC(V) is pegged at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework and is the equivalent of a National Senior Certificate.

Introduced in 2007 to offer learners exiting Grade 9 a vocationally oriented education, the NC(V) has evolved, with around 50% of registered students already having Grade 12.
The NC(V) aids learners aspiring to higher education as well as learners who are more interested in vocational subjects. The curriculum consists of three fundamental subjects (Language, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy and Life Skills), and four vocational subjects related to industry sectors such as Business, IT, Engineering and Hospitality. 

Options open to a learner on completion of an NC(V) include accessing work opportunities, progressing to higher education, pursuing further training to N4, N5 and N6 levels or even pursuing self-employment.

Call at any False Bay TVET College campus for a free assessment to determine whether your child is a good fit for a Vocational National Certificate.