FBC Focuses on Leadership Training: From the Office of the SRC

Linamandla Deliwe, False Bay TVET College: Student Representative Council President

False Bay TVET College’s (FBC) key strategic objective is to provide ongoing leadership training for the Student Representative Council (SRC). This is accomplished through promoting and encouraging our SRC to attend and participate in ongoing external and internal training opportunities.

As per the SRC accountability, feedback on these training workshops is recorded in the below articles:


Community Chest Leadership:
Marlon Van Dieman, False Bay TVET College: Student Representative Council Member and Campus Chairperson

The Community Chest invited our SRC to participate in their Emerging Leaders Programme, which took place from 1 – 3 April 2015 at Community Chest, Cape Town.

The objective of the event was to develop youth leadership skills. This was presented through interactive sessions, discussions, games and activities.

The programme focused on personal leadership, the notion that you can lead others once you know how to lead yourself and on how different leadership styles come into play. Reflection on individual development was integral to the discussions.

“I really enjoyed that 3-day programme and what stood out for me was the exercise based on individual strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome the latter. Through attending this program I have discovered my life purpose and it has shed new light on my career. I learned that leadership is about influence and that you lead by example. You need to begin with an end goal in mind and be aware that your best competition is you.”

We also focused on procrastination and how important time management is and exercise thereof. As the richest currency we have, time does not wait for anyone, and by using it wisely, we can become much more effective.

What is Personal Leadership?

- It is giving the best in all we do;
- Belief in oneself;
- Living in and operating in the truth;
- Identifying the positive in people and situations;
- Standing up for the truth even if you have to stand alone;
- Taking responsibility for your actions;
- And it is about getting up after you have been knocked down.

Mthunzi Funk was our facilitator for the three days. He was amazing and very open minded and allowed us to express ourselves within the appropriate boundaries.

Community Chest created a platform for us to network with other youth from around the world.

Pic 1 - Marlon

Marlon Van Dieman, False Bay TVET College: Student Representative Council Member and Campus Chairperson
Authors Details: Marlon Van Dieman, 084 099 9012

World Economic Forum:
Linamandla Deliwe, False Bay TVET College Student Representative Council President

This year the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (based at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business) hosted Community Conversations.

The event brought together students from Cape Town schools, universities and TVET colleges. The idea was to listen, be inspired and challenged by the current generation of African leaders.

Speakers included leaders that have shaped Africa’s past and present, including government officials, artists, civil society leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs.

Personal views and experiences were shared and the focus was how contemporary youth will create the entrepreneurship and leadership opportunities on the continent into the future.

Our SRC was selected to attend in order to provide us with great leadership qualities , as we could be the leaders of the future. This event took place on 3 June 2015, at the Cape Sun Hotel.

It is always a pleasure to be part of conversations on transformation in our country. These conversations include problems of youth unemployment and how entrepreneurship can offer a way to economic opportunity.

The first session of the World Economic Forum was about Entrepreneurship:
Job prospects can be bleak for young people in Africa, but in recent years the fast pace of technological change and Africa's growing marketing provide more opportunities than ever for young entrepreneurs.

The key question is how Africa's youth can take ownership of their future by creating their own jobs. Many prominent entrepreneurs shared their success stories and advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur and how to make use of the opportunities out there.

The second session was about Leadership and Trusting the Future. This was most interesting as it reflected the significant socio-economic challenges faced on the continent.

Whilst it is easy to be cynical about our leaders and institutions and bemoan the lack of progress, the question is “What role can the young generation play in creating an open, just and prosperous society?”

Graça Machel (Politician and widow of Nelson Mandela) along with Yvonne Chaka Chaka (South African Singer), were among the panellists in a hall filled to capacity with high school leaders, college and university students and some youth-led organisations.

During the conversations, the key question that emerged was how youth can contribute to building a winning society, taking up responsibilities rather than playing the blame game.

Pic 2 - Linamandla

Linamandla Deliwe, False Bay TVET College Student Representative Council President
Authors Details: Linamandla Deliwe, 076 122 9561


Youth Enterprise Summit (YES):
Mickyle Chitter, FBC Student Representative Council Member and Campus Chairperson

The Youth Enterprise Summit was held from 29-30 June 2015 at the Tower Hotel, Cape Town. The theme was Success in Youth Business. The purpose of the event was to educate and encourage youth to look at opportunities for self-employment and entrepreneurship.

The event was educational and inspiring. The first day saw many well-known speakers which included: Pastor Sipho Zondi, Allan Winder (Minister of Economic Development for the Western Cape), Buti Manamela (Deputy Minister for Small Business and Development) and representatives from ABSA Bank, Standard Bank, NYDA and SETA.

Pastor Sipho Zondi discussed increasing one’s capacity to enable personal development and business growth. He empathised that in so doing one would also attain financial development.

Alan Winder’s presentation offered new plans for the Western Cape, such as: Wi-Fi Hotspots in all wards in the Western Cape. He posed the question of why it takes so long to establish a business but only one day to buy a car worth R1 Million and emphasised the need to forgo the “red tape” for enterprise development.

Buti Manamela’s presentation encompassed the role of government in removing the “red tape” hampering youth access to the R2.2 Billion available from government for start-up businesses.

The final presentations were from organisations assisting businesses with funding. The respective speakers presented the pros and cons of their offerings and their application requirements.

On the second day, Steve Reid (FBC Manager: Centre of Entrepreneurship) spoke about the Centre of Entrepreneurship (CFE) and commended the SRC for their presence.

Buti Manamel’s second presentation focused on entrepreneurship and the programs in place that assist entrepreneurs with business information to enable the growth of these. He spoke about the efforts of the CFE and its orientation to develop aspiring entrepreneurs.

The event proved very useful in knowledge gathering and sharing as well as facilitating contacts/businesses partners and funding avenues.

Pic 3 - Mickyle

Mickyle Chitter, FBC Student Representative Council Member and Campus Chairperson.
Authors Details: Mickyle Chitter, 071 852 5160

Student Leadership in the 21st Century:
Luthando Matheke, False Bay TVET College Student Representative Council Vice President

The Student Leadership Workshop focused on unleashing the potential in Post -Schooling Education and Training. The event took place at College of Cape Town, Crawford Campus on 31 June – 1 July 2015.

The event was attended by the coastal colleges from Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Mossel Bay, Northern Cape and all the Western Cape Colleges.

Topics included an address from the Union of Students, South African Further Education and Training Student Association (SAFETSA); transformation in post school Education and Training; Communication; Tolerance/Diversity Management; Governance in Post Schools and a keynote address from Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training: Mduduzi Manana.

Pic 4 - Luthando

Luthando Matheke False Bay TVET College Student Representative Council Vice President