FBC Campus Hero Elections

As part of False Bay TVET College’s (FBC) Level 4 curriculum, students are required to vote for their respective Campus Hero. The aim is to encourage character development, an often under-valued aspect of human endeavour.

As part of the process, students were required to produce a personal manifesto and present this to the class to be assessed and judged accordingly.


The criteria to be elected as a campus hero included: evidence of perseverance in the face of obstacles; a positive and grateful attitude in spite of challenges; a positive role model, with evidence of community involvement and or volunteering; leadership and ‘hero’ qualities; a motto that indicates an inspiration beyond the individual and a speech/profile or manifesto that is well constructed.

Voting took place in an environment that mirrored an election, including voting booths, ballot boxes, and finger printing.
The outcome was an impressive and overwhelming array of stories that revealed the depth and extent of suffering, perseverance and determination on the part of students. Lecturers were moved by these personal histories.

Pic 1

The 2 winners selected were:

Siphenkosi Mqube:
He was shot at the age 16 and then confined to a wheelchair, this brave man now studies at Fish Hoek Campus. He says: “Giving up is not my style. I will do something that is worthwhile”.

Pic 2

Nathan Lategan:
He grew up in a poverty-stricken community where gangsterism is rife. Nathan believes: “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be far greater than your fear of failure.”

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