Award for Excellence in Financial Management

False Bay College received a National Award for Excellence in Financial Management at the gala dinner of the DHET Conference which took place at the Gallagher Estate, Midrand, Gauteng on 18November 2014.

The theme of the conference “Together forging a vibrant TVET system in South Africa” was attended by officials (including principals)

of the 50 public colleges and local and international vocational education experts.

The nomination included performance in the following areas:

1.The College received unqualified audits in 2013

2.Exceptional Financial Management in 2013 and 2014

3.Monthly reports, meeting deadlines and management letters and

4.Overall functionality including risk management, internal audit and audit committee.

Mr Colin Hogg, Chief Financial Officer of False Bay TVET College said, “The Award has improved morale in our department and increased our credibility in dealing with outside customers who can trust the service they are getting and be assured that their investments are in safe hands.”

“We are proud to be part of a successfully functioning College. We hope we have set a standard for the country and the TVET Sector.”


For more information contact:

Left to Right

Ms Zoliswa Lonja; College Council Chairperson.

Deputy Minister of Higher Education and training: Mr Manana

Mr Cassie Kruger; Principal of False Bay TVET College

Mr Gwebinkundla Qonde: the Director-General of Higher Education and Training (DHET)