Life Orientation Level 3 Campaign Project

As part of their curriculum, the National Certificate (Vocational) Level 3 students are required to plan and execute awareness campaigns to inform, involve and educate students on the respective college campuses. These are oriented to community, provincial or national campaigns. 

Once they have researched a range of topics, the students choose that which is of interest and value to them and then work in groups to prepare and plan for the big day of the campaign presentation. Student Support Officers are also on hand to offer assistance.

The Marketing Department combined the initiative with the National FET Month in August.

Posters of the “winning groups campaign” (1 per campus) were designed and displayed at all of the 5 False Bay College campuses. 

Bronnie Le Roux, Education Specialist of Life Orientation, said, “We are hoping that many young lives will be impacted and inspired by some of the very pressing issues facing South Africans today.

The event was more successful than we expected and students learnt valuable life skills like; teamwork, organisational skills and planning, presentation and communication.”

Campaign Topics 

The Khayelitsha students with the help and input from Life Orientation lecturers hosted a Health and Wellness Day. Each faculty had a different theme under this broad umbrella including: Breast Cancer Awareness; Water and Being Water Wise; Drug Awareness and Blood Donation Awareness (The winning campaign).

The Western Province Blood Transfusion Services (WPBTS) was very impressed with the efforts of the students and on Wednesday 10 September 2014, the very first Blood donation clinic was set up on campus with more than 60 students donating blood.

The efforts of the students did not go unnoticed as 10 students will now be trained as peer facilitators at the WPBTS head offices in Pinelands.

AT Fish Hoek Campus, 4 different mini-campaigns evolved and included: Stop Rape; Save the Rhino; Treatment Action Campaign (Winning Campaign); Drug & Alcohol abuse awareness.

At Muizenberg Campus, the focus was on the STOP RAPE campaign and Westlake included the campaign themes of The Ebola Virus Awareness; Anti-Gangsterism (Winning Campaign); Heath & Wellness & Fitness; Career awareness; Drug & Alcohol abuse awareness and Diabetes Awareness.

On the whole students participated in the Campaign Day with enthusiasm, having prepared some outstanding presentations. Powerpoint presentations were compiled and external speakers were invited on to campus to address the students.

Short plays were enacted; brochures and posters created and displayed all over the campuses. The students themselves addressed the audience with the information at their fingertips.

Not only did they accrue knowledge on the campaign subjects but also developed skills to work in a team, plan and organize an event, and to interact with the public/student body. 

Robin Slinger, Westlake campus Student (NCV Masonry L3), said: “The Campaign day was a success as all students came together to help their fellow classmates and improve their lives at college.” 


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Winners of the Khayelitsha Campaign Day (Blood Donation Drive), FBC Level 3 students