Student Services Rendered

South African Guide-Dogs Association

False Bay College, Muizenberg Campus has embarked on an initiative to increase its relations with the general public in the areas surrounding its campus.  In so doing we are ensuring that a healthy business and professional relationship is enjoyed with the community of Muizenberg.  The events we assist in provide a platform for us to market the college and the hospitality studies programme.

We were invited to assist in the raising of funds at the South African Guide Dog Association (SAGA) function which was held on 22 February 201414 at Fish Hoek Civic Centre.  Students were used as waiters/waitrons and a 3-course meal was served to approximately 120 patrons.

This provided an opportunity for students to be exposed to the realities of front of house operations.  A letter of acknowledgement and thanks was received from SAGA in which the students were applauded for the professional service they delivered.

Muizenberg campus associates FBC with the Muizenberg Improvement District (MID).

MID have taken a decision to build a landmark at the historical Muizenberg Surfers’ Corner to commemorate the rich heritage of surfing in South Africa. Unbeknown to most, Muizenberg has been recognized as the place where surfing started in our country in 1919.

The request for assistance from FBC by MID in commemoration of this historical event provided an opportunity for students to once again market FBC and be exposed to the demands of delivering a hospitality service at an event which catered for approximately 300 patrons.

The students training in front of house activities under the watchful eyes of their lecturer, Mr Boltman, were put to the test over a 2-day period.  Letters of praise and acknowledgment were once again received applauding the team for the hard work and professionalism.

Jazz festival 15th Cape Town International Jazz Festival 28 – 29 March 2014

FBC was approached by the organisers of the Cape Town Jazz Festival (CTJF) who requested the services of the hospitality learners at  theKhayelitsha Campus in the hosting of the 2014 CTJF.

The CTJF lasted 7 days and provided a platform where students were exposed to supplying the hospitality needs of thousands of celebrities, very important persons, and the revellers who enjoyed the musical celebration of Cape Town’s Jazz Heritage.

An opportunity of this magnitude is seldom offered to learners and having our campus selected to provide this service is indicative of the superior effort of the lecturers and notable hard work of the learners.

We acknowledge and applaud your fortitude and tenacity in ensuring that a premium service was provided at this international event.