Moving Currents in the Electrical Department.

Deploying technology in teaching and learning is shaping a new path for the Electrical Infrastructure Construction (EIC) Department of False Bay College.

Lecturers in the Department are busy with Blackboard training in order to enhance the students learning experience. Not the traditional blackboards long used in classrooms, but rather an integrative e-learning management system.

As part of its commitment to academic excellence, the e-learning Department has trained lecturers to be able to create course content using videos, on-line discussions, blogs, self-assessments and Power Point presentations.

Learners can log onto the Blackboard anywhere where there is Internet access and revise any content. Furthermore the Open Learning Centres across the campuses are open until 6 pm in the evening and every second Saturday.

These centres have full Internet access to aid learners with curricula content, assignments and self-assessments. They are also able to watch lesson videos or even complete past exam papers.

The lecturers are able to use their collective experience to form a knowledge repository where they can upload and store information and lessons, thus extending the learning opportunities of the students.  

As we move forward in the use of technology in the classroom the EIC Department is embracing the change with enthusiasm and excitement.