Using Mimio Interactive Whiteboard as a Tool to Enhance Classroom Delivery

The deployment of technology in the classroom has improved dramatically at False Bay College over the past few years with the use of the Mimio Interactive Whiteboard.  

It is a programme that can be used as an effective tool to enhance classroom delivery in subjects that are at risk, such as mathematics and mathematical literacy.

The Mimio Interactive Whiteboard system is called Mimio Teach. It is a portable solution that is attached to any whiteboard, thus transforming it into a fully interactive platform.

The device is connected wirelessly through a receiver that plugs into a USB port on your laptop and connected to a data projector. Through this, the computer screen is displayed on the whiteboard allowing you to work directly from the whiteboard using a stylus (pen) to write, draw, point and so on, without ever going to your laptop.

You can also access computer applications such as Powerpoint presentations, MS Word documents and files right from the whiteboard. You can make changes in real-time to your documents. Furthermore, you can browse the Web as part of your lesson or run You-tube videos on your subject matter.

The Mimio software provides all the simple yet powerful features needed to create and present interactive lessons. The device can be moved from classroom to classroom, provided there is a whiteboard.

A major advantage for the lecturer is the fact that after a lesson is presented using this technology, the writing on the board can be saved for later use or sent to the student as a file without ever having to write it out again.

In subjects such as mathematics and mathematical literacy you can engage the student in programs that form part of the Mimio software. Furthermore, for graphs, areas perimeters, probabilities and fractions in mathematics it provides ways for the lecturer to present it and for the student to interact.

It contains ready-made lessons and lesson plans on every subject and content is regularly updated. Lecturers from around the world can also exchange and upload their own lessons on the Mimio Connect interactive teaching community for others to share. This aspect is a great advantage where best practice is concerned.

The software is also compatible with other enhancing packages such as CAMI and Learnscapes that can also be used for all the Fundamental subjects.