FBC Making a Difference with Career Guidance

Career Guidance can make a difference by enabling its participants to focus their thoughts, emotions and actions on what they can do in the present as they move towards their ideal future. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “The future depends on what you do today.”

In an effort to bridge this gap, the False Bay College (FBC) Open Day, which was hosted on 11 & 12 April, provided learners with information on a wide range of career opportunities and support services available to them.  These included career guidance, bursaries, job preparedness and career paths.

The FBC Open Day also afforded young people an opportunity to talk through their ideas before making potentially life-changing decisions.  Its purpose was to help the learners focus on their own choices, understand the implications of these and find answers to questions to they may have. It also helped them resolve issues and make informed decisions.

The Open Day was attended by high school learners from the surrounding areas to and guided tours by College Student Representative Council Members were conducted. Learners were also encouraged to ask representatives from the different faculties about their programmes.

False Bay College also invited various stakeholders to the event. This included members of SAPS, SETA’s as well as representatives from Career Planet. This was to ensure that apart from showcasing the programmes, training opportunities were also highlighted.

Visitors were also introduced to the PACE Assessment tool used for selection and recruitment based on the advice of executives at Career Planet.

It can be said that Career Guidance offers learners their GPS to a better future.  The Open Day was a career development programme aimed at empowering youth and adults to reach their career goals by mapping successful and sustainable career paths.