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National Certificate N4-N6:
Hospitality and Catering Services

National Certificate
Hospitality and Catering Services


Muizenberg Campus
About this Programme


The Catering and Hospitality industry is fast paced and stressful, but at the same time very rewarding, when you are able to see the gratitude on your clients face after doing a good job.

The further you go up the corporate ladder, the more freedom you will be given to be creative with your culinary skills.

Catering and Hospitality is a growing sector, often closely linked with the tourism sector, which is based on the hotels, conference and restaurant successes. This course consists of N4, N5 and N6 certificates. After completing the N6 certificate students are required to provide proof (to the Department of Higher Education and Training) of 18 months’ work experience in the relevant industry, in order to qualify for the National N Diploma. The National N Diploma is issued by the Department of Higher Education and Training if all requirements are met.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Admission requirements

Grade 12 Certificate.

Career Opportunities

CAREER opportunities

  • Hotel & Guesthouse Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Tasting Room Management
  • Food Services Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Function Catering
  • Test Kitchen Staff
  • Events Management
  • Entrepreneur


  • Each level takes 6 months full time to complete.
  • A total of 18 months to complete the theoretical components (N4, N5, N6).
  • Each level consists of 4 Subjects. On completion of a level, a student is awarded a certificate at that level.
  • 18 months’ practical experience in the work environment (In-service training).
  • It takes a minimum of 3 years to qualify for a National N Diploma.
Course Content

Course content

N4 Certificate

  • Applied Management
  • Catering (Theory and Practical)
  • Nutrition and Menu Planning
  • Sanitation and Safety

N5 Certificate

  • Applied Management
  • Catering (Theory and Practical)
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management

N6 Certificate

  • Applied Management
  • Catering (Theory and Practical)
  • Communication and Human Relations
  • Introductory Computer Practice


Applied Management

This subject equips the student to understand the basic concepts of management and to implement these management skills within the Hospitality Industry.

Catering (Theory and Practice)

This subject prepares the student to produce dishes with their acquired knowledge to suit the occasion.

Nutrition and Menu Planning

This enables the student to understand basic principles of nutrition and menu planning so as to compile menus for a wide variety of establishments.

Sanitation and Safety

Provides the student with knowledge and skills to introduce, apply and maintain hygiene, health and safety standards as required by legislation.

Entrepreneurship and Business Management

This subject teaches students the different aspects of starting up their own business and how to draw up a business plan.

Communication and Human Relations

This subject focuses on how to successfully communicate and manage relationships with clients and employees.

Introductory Computer Practice

This subject introduces students to MS Office, using Word and Excel to perform a variety of office tasks.

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