Train more women artisans - CEO

Cape Town - The majority of women in South Africa are still not gaining in terms of job placements in the economy, according to Sean Jones, CEO of the Artisan Training Institute (ATI), a black empowerment company.

He said, while legislation has been passed to push for more employment of women in the workplace, it appears SA is lagging when compared to its peers.


90% of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college graduates were guaranteed jobs.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has said that almost 90% of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college graduates were guaranteed jobs. Ramaphosa was speaking at the Human Resource Development Council [HRDC] summit in Johannesburg on Tuesday.


Understand your child’s study stress

Looking at the students walking though the college corridors, they appear picture perfect.  But what lies below, doesn’t always surface until tipping point, when it manifests itself.  The competition for best exam results, deadlines, relationships, status and career choice are all aspects of your child’s college experience which can cause an unhealthy level of stress.


False Bay TVET College say “recycling can be beautiful”

Students of False Bay TVET College, Muizenberg Campus, showed their love for the planet earth this Valentine’s Day, 12 February 2016 by hosting a Fashion Show with a twist. Inspired by the Student Representative Council (SRC), all garments modelled, needed to be made from recycled items.


The tipping point: turning good students into great students

February has arrived, and parents are breathing a huge sigh of relief, exams are over, for now. Children are registered and the 2016 academic year has begun.. Routine has established itself, with early rising; treasure hunts for clean school-shirts and finger waving exercises in the morning traffic to ensure the kids are in the school gate before the school bell screams your failure at not making the cut off time.