Taking School Business Admin to a new level

On 15 September 2011, False Bay College successfully hosted a School Business Management Principals’ Luncheon and Information Session.  Thirty schools were invited and represented.  The aim of the session was to raise awareness of the funded CSBA qualification offered by the college, its impact on schools, management and leadership.


Guest speakers included: David Ginsberg, Financial Director at Herzlia School and founder member of the qualification in South Africa; and Merle Stober, School Business Administrator at Wingfield Primary School and member of The School Business Managers Association of South Africa, who shared the impact of school business management in a less affluent school and the global impact of the qualification.
Education and its demands are becoming more complex and the attainment of set goals, in many schools, are left wanting.  The acronyms and jargon of business has filtered its way into education.  For leaders without the necessary skills-set, it results in under-achievement.  This not only weighs heavily on the psyche, but has an adverse effect on teaching and learning.

School Business Management through the internationally accredited CSBA programme, is developed to increase leadership capacity and capability within schools.   Areas of competency include Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Office Systems Management, ICT Management, Facilities Management and Project Management.  The course has been developed and adapted to suit the South African Schools by the WCED in collaboration with the National College of Leadership and Children’s Services UK, Manchester Metropolitan University, UWC, FET Colleges and others.

False Bay College has taken the qualification one step further: The inclusion of principals and administrative staff on the programme.  This is a ground-breaking achievement for school business management in South Africa. Educational institutions are businesses and as schools are required to be more autonomous, the need for business savvy personnel is in demand.

“The Course will be presented in a blended format, which means that physical and virtual environments are blended to support learning in a course. The different delivery modes are designed to complement each other and promote learning and application-learned behaviour.  The False Bay learning management system (Blackboard) will be the vehicle for delivering study materials and research resources over the Web. This implies that self-paced, on-demand learning at a pace that is managed or controlled by the learner, will be applied,” commented Marian Theron, FBC E-learning Manager.

“It remains a privilege for FBC to be involved in the CSBA Programme as conceptualised and implemented by the WCED.  We reiterate our commitment to the third roll out of the programme and are excited by its continued momentum as an agent of change with our most needy schools. It is clear to me that there is a definite enthusiasm and buy-in from school support staff, as well as the School Management Teams,” added Theresa Reichhart, SBA Programme Manager.

Merle Stober