Pre Vocational Learning Programme (PLP) Pilot Project a success!

Ms Melanie Vermaak: False Bay TVET College - Acting Deputy Principal for Education and Training

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) launched the Pre-Vocational Learning Programme (PLP) Pilot Project in 2018 with the participation of 9 colleges.  False Bay TVET College took part in the pilot and enrolled 62 students at the Khayelitsha Campus.

A year after the commencement of the Pilot, the DHET hosted a National Award Ceremony on 27 September in Johannesburg at the Lakes Conference Centre. False Bay TVET College was recognised as the 2018 Overall Top Performing College in the Pre Vocational Learning Programme. In addition, College lecturers within the PLP were recognised as top performing contributors in the PLP programme.  Mr Christo Kroneberg was recognised as the Best Performing Lecturer for Science and Mr Sulaiman Samuels garnered the title of Best Performing Lecturer for Mathematics.

PLP AwardsRecognition was bestowed upon students who not only agreed to participate in the pilot but who excelled.  Ms Limakatso Makolometse, from the False Bay TVET College cohort received the award for the Best Performing Student in the PLP Programme for Science.  Limakatso completed the PLP Programme at the end of 2018 and then embarked on studies in Report 191 Electrical.  She is currently completing her N3 and has performed well, a true success story of the Pre-Vocational Programme.  Limakatso will be embarking on industry experience soon in order to work towards her trade test.  

The PLP is focused on providing a foundational or bridging programme for students who may not meet the criteria for entry into a specific programme. Geared to assist students improve their marks, this one year programme bridges the academic gaps and prepares the learner for entry into vocational or occupational programmes.

The PLP is a non-credit bearing qualification with four subjects, namely Foundational English, Foundational Mathematics, Foundational Science and Foundational Life Skills.
The PLP is not a remedial programme or aimed at students with disabilities. The PLP is focused on providing access into TVET Programmes.  
The benefits of the PLP is to provide a pipeline of students who are well prepared for studies at a TVET college.
A student centred approach to teaching is used where students are actively engaged in the learning process and are supported by learning material that has a problem-based learning approach.

The success of the PLP programme at False Bay TVET College is due to the selection of the strongest lecturers who embrace a student centred approach to teaching.  Student Centred learning provides an opportunity for a student to be an active participant in their learning.  

Further support is provided in terms of pastoral care and motivation programmes.  Clear outcomes were communicated to students and they were reminded of the importance of engaging with the learning material in order to be successful.

Of the 62 students that started at the beginning of the programme, 43 students have progressed into NCV level 2, Report 191 and Occupational Programmes.  This is a 69% progression rate. Lecturers have indicated that PLP students who have articulated into other college programmes show a higher level of commitment, have a positive attitude as well as better attendance.

False Bay TVET College is committed to providing foundational programmes that will support students in developing to their full potential.  Often a student will come to a TVET college with gaps in their learning or no clear idea of what they wish to peruse as a career.  The PLP student not only gets the opportunity to close any gaps, cement foundational knowledge and gain exposure to various TVET programmes in order to make a well informed decision on a future study field.