College Rises and Shines at Cape Town Carnival

After months of handwork and precision coordination, 45 students and support staff of False Bay TVET College danced their way down the Green Point Fan-walk at the 10th Cape Town Carnival, 16 March 2019. This was a first for False Bay TVET College to participate, each year the carnival brings the mother city together under a vibrant new theme.  This year’s theme was “VUKA UKHANYE Rise ’n Shine”.  Depicting a vivid journey of awakening, owning your power and believing in your ability to make a difference is the same message False Bay TVET College instills in their student community.
There is a critical skills shortage in the country and the College mandate is to train youth in midlevel skills so that they are equipped to participate as active citizens in the economy and create better futures for themselves and their families.   “Through our participation in the Carnival we wanted to show the youth of Cape Town the energetic and fun side of career paths that False Bay TVET College offers. Rise and Shine with education. FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE! “said Colleen Brennon, Marketing Manager for False Bay College.
















False Bay TVET College has five campuses, serving residents in the geographical area known as the South Peninsula as well as the previously disadvantaged communities of Mitchells Plain and Khayelitsha. The student demographic includes all race groups in the Western Cape. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, often difficult situations.
The shared goal of participating as a unit, representing the very best of our college as a student body exemplifies greater social cohesion.  There were inequalities, disparities of ethnicity, gender, class, disability or even age. The oldest participating team member was 57yrs. The students were afforded an experience that they will treasure forever. They were transported and touched a place called hope.

Students and participating staff were dressed to portray a selection of the College study fields. Ranging from Chefs, Engineers, I.T technicians and Graduates in flowing gowns and tasseled caps to illustrate the success and outcome of a chosen study field. Mrs Khedama; Hospitality lecturer at Khayelitsha Campus; adorned with her Cake Hat had the audience eating out of her hand as she waltzed like a celebrity down the fan walk.
The students danced their way down the Forty Thousand plus fan-crowded street, amongst 54 other performance groups to the dance track LEVEL UP, behind the official KFM sponsors float. IMG-20190319-WA0010

While the College had no float, the College bakkie was “pimped” out in carnival flare with a supersize, hammer and wrench, to chariot the College most- loved Mascot, Mo the Graduate Emoticon. The crowd cheered as the College procession passed, reaffirming the brand promise amongst the young and old, My dream, My college.

“Fantastic Concept you brought to the Carnival, False Bay College. Let it be known that you were the first Higher Education Institution to be part of Cape Town Carnival.” Said Mr M.S. Ruiters, President of the Western Province Marching Association.

Dear Colleen,
Congratulations! Thank you! Well done!
The skill, passion and energy of your group created the beautiful experience that the people of Cape Town and visitors enjoyed.
Please pass my gratitude and appreciation on to all of the participants in your group.
Our gratitude goes out to you for your leadership and commitment – you are greatly valued for your part in creating a fabulous Cape Town Carnival 2019 together.
We will be in touch with you to plan detailed individual group feedback sessions.
Yours Sincerely
Jay Douwes:  Ceo Cape Town Carnival

Here are some of our student reviews:
• Dillon ‘Baartman – Mitchells Plain Campus
The carnival was great... I’ve never danced in front of thousands of people.. And ofcoz dancing with a bunch of new people, strangers at first but we nailed it as a team. Hoping to do more with this group of amazing people

• Dominique Williams – Muizenberg campus
My highlight was the entire experience. From being total strangers in the beginning of rehearsals to forming a great team work ethic at the end of it all.

• Juan Pierre Albrecht- Muizenberg Campus
Not a lot of people get the chance to be part of the Cape Town Carnival from the inside, but I was lucky enough to be dancing with an amazing team, who gave it their all and kept the excitement flowing through you like a river.
For me personally, the way the crowd were in awe. They joy we were able to give them. That's what made my night. Being able to have made someone else enjoy the Carnival even more by what we did, that's a highlight I'll cherish. - JP Albrecht

• Sizwe Fulela- Fish Hoek Campus
My highlight was when we were heading to Cape Town ????❤ when we got off from the bus, the place was already crowded and everybody was like.. Looking at us ???? i felt like a real Madrid player for a second .and the spirit ✊???????? we were singing and all the people clapping and singing with us "Masambe nono siyolala ebhedini" they all loved it ???? when is the carnival again?

• Jay Williams – Fish Hoek Campus
My highlight was the bus ride heading from Cape Town stadium to the line-up start. The excited performers were already drumming and singing and dancing and it was just AWESOME!! I loved the surprise everyone got when they saw us all dancing!

• Nongxa Nkosazana- Muizenberg Campus
I really enjoyed myself it was one of the most amazing nights of my life I will never forget it we are really blessed to have been part of the carnival

• Blessing Aolukela – Fish Hoek Campus
My highlight of the Carnival was the part when all the False Bay College gather together, and the time where we all got to have a great time and having fun together as False Bay. And when the time we got to dance and everyone was cheering at us.... that was my highlight????

• Athule Dafu – Khayelitsha Campus
My highlight of the carnival was part when we were dancing and people screaming and shout out for us

• Jay Williams: Staff member at Fish Hoek Campus sums it up very nicely in this message
These messages are so beautiful everyone. It’s incredible how this event can enable all this energy, positivity and togetherness within us all. Life isn’t easy for many of us. All of us have different circumstances. Yet we performed together as a great team! That takes a lotta guts and love !!!! What a PHENOMENAL TEAM we all were!!!! Let's do it AGAIN!!!