Distance Learning Campus

False Bay TVET College introduced Distance Learning in 2014.This mode of study is suitable for students within the Western Cape who are unable to attend classes on a regular basis, who are able to study independently and/or who are working full-time.
The benefits of this mode of study include online and in-person lecturer support, tutorial classes, experts to guide the student through the relevant subject matter and the option to make enquiries telephonically or via the online platform.

The Distance Learning Campus is located on the False Bay TVET College Westlake Campus.  This Campus is expanding quickly with increased programme offerings to address the demand for access to higher education. The Distance Learning Campus is dedicated to provide, quality, relevant and accredited training options. The Campus aims to make the Distance Learning experience worthwhile, effective and manageable by ensuring that students receive continual support and feedback throughout their study period.


National Certificate: N4-N6
• Business Management N4 - N6
• Public Management N4 - N6
• Financial Management N4 - N6
• Hospitality and Catering N4 - N5
• Educare N4 - N5
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Engineering Studies
• Electrical Engineering N1 – N3
• Electrical Engineering N4 – N6
• Motor Mechanic N1 – N3
• Fitting and Turning N1 - N3
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Business Studies: R785 per subject
• Business Management N4 – N6
• Financial Management N4-N6
• Public Management N4-N5

Educare: R951 per subject
Hospitality and Catering: R1436 per subject
Engineering N1 – N3: R529 per subject
Electrical Engineering N4-N6: R616 per subject

For more information on Distance Learning contact: Nthapeleng Pharela on (021) 701 1153