Ambassador Profiles

Meet Alcino van Rooyen

AlcinoThere is a time, place and reason for everything. Persevering at what you love will reap great success. These might well be the mottoes of Alcino van Rooyen, a False Bay TVET College Information Technology and Computer Science NC(V) graduate whose passion for computers helped him overcome a challenging upbringing and several hurdles in pursuit of education.

As a boy tinkering with dated computers, Alcino would get lost in the mystery of the mechanics. Later on, Alcino's aptitude for mathematics gave him his first break in the form of a SAILI bursary. After registering at the Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology, Alcino discovered his true passion for the world of PC programming.

He later joined False Bay TVET College where, after an initially scary transition, he came into his own with the support of a good friend and his College lecturers. Taking on programming projects, Alcino would often be found in the college computer labs doing program research. His dedication saw him graduate a Top Achiever and the recipient of the CEO Award.

Since graduating, Alcino has found his niche as a developer at an innovative online marketing and web design agency located in the trendy Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town.

What started out as a two-month internship turned into a full-time position for Alcino. After starting as a junior developer, he progressed to a developer and has been working as both a front-end and back-end developer.

Alcino appreciates the amazing experiences his employer has exposed him to, although he says his first love remains the creation of web applications. Alcino says with confidence, "I no longer need to worry about whether or not some tasks can be achieved. With my new skills and knowledge from the College I have the courage and ability to solve them."

An exemplary role model to others at the College, Alcino is on track to a promising future career in IT development.

Meet Dachlin Plaatjies

DachlinDachlin Plaatjies studied 2D Animation at False Bay TVET College. He is currently a student at the Centre for Fine Art Animation and Design, where he creates animations and art pieces.

Dachlin has always had an appreciation for the arts and comes from a family with a musical background. However, he preferred using visual art to express himself, and was on a path to pursue traditional painting when socio-economic challenges required that he shift his focus.

Dachlin admits that he was unsure of what the programme would entail on his first day at college. The lecturer took him aside and showed him his animation showreel. Inspired by this lecturer, Mr Riaan Theron, Dachlin was soon swept up in the beauty and possibilities of 2D animation.

"My mind was blown and I couldn't wait to get started. The hours in the day went by so quickly and I wanted more time to marry my talent and newly learnt skills," says Dachlin.

Thinking back, he says he feels blessed. "I have had the pleasure of learning from lecturers who have gone beyond what was expected. Whether it was a carpool or words of encouragement, my development both personally and as an animator has been guided by these individuals."

With a five-year plan in place, Dachlin is committed to achieving his goals. He is on his way to becoming a cartoonist, and aspires to have his own programme on Cartoon Network. Grateful for the support he has received on his journey, Dachlin promises to remember those who stood by him while he pursued his dreams.

He has these parting words of encouragement for students: "You may start off slowly and doubting your capabilities, but don't limit yourself."

Meet Jenna HendricksJenna-Hendricks-01-2018

Jenna Hendricks's passion and drive started at a very young age, helping her father in his plumbing company. Jenna acted as his little assistant from her primary school days, literally learning in the trenches to help her father fix burst water pipes and mains.

Jenna studied Business Management and graduated with her diploma in Civil Engineering and Building Construction Plumbing at False Bay TVET College. She is now employed with Davids Group Construction and has registered her own business, which we are confident will take off to great heights.

Jenna has been working at Davids Group Construction as a project manager. Her business management skills has equipped her to address the administrative aspect and her civil engineering studies give her a discerning understanding of the construction industry. Her job entails being involved on site in construction projects from the tender and procurement level, to ensure the projects are completed on time and within budget.

This entrepreneurial artisan is ambitious, with a clear plan for her future. Being passionate about civil engineering, Jenna takes any opportunity to learn more, even if it's the labourer's task of chopping out bathroom tiles.

Jenna believes that more females will consider civil engineering, especially since technology has made plumbing easier. "Parts are lighter and better designed for easier assembly and installation," says Jenna, who notes that the need for smaller maintenance-driven projects will become greater, as water scarcity will force people to be less wasteful.

This young lady is on her way, and we wish her all the success for her future.

Meet Jodi Napoleon

JodiA creative spirit, Jodi Napoleon is currently employed as the demi-chef de partie at the Cape Grace Hotel in the world-renowned V&A Waterfront.

From an early age, Jodi showed a keen interest in the culinary industry. Opting to spend her weekends in the kitchen of her favourite restaurant, Jodi couldn't get enough of the sights and smells, soaking up the ambience. Jodi attended a boarding school in Franschhoek before relocating to Tulbagh where she continued to nurture her passion for cooking.
Jodi studied Professional Cookery in 2013 with False Bay TVET College.

Now a multi-skilled professional, being in the kitchen at the Cape Grace creating unique menus is the most natural place for Jodi. She does however confess that this is a tough industry, and advises graduates to attach themselves to a strong mentor who will help them achieve greater results.

"There are many good chefs, each with their own unique style, who you can learn from. I am always looking for ways to challenge myself, enhancing my menus, and ultimately striving to leave a legacy," says Jodi.

Committed to making her mark, she acknowledges that False Bay TVET College has played a monumental role in her success, not only through her education, but through her job placement, which will continue to open many more doors in her career.

Jodi is a dynamic young chef, striving to find the balance between her other life interests as a musician and athlete and the palates of her clients, something she was advised to do by Mike Jones, a colleague at the Cape Grace Hotel. 

Meet Joseph Mburu

JosephA disciple of hard work, Joseph Mburu is a self-starter who is not prepared to settle for mediocrity. A charismatic personality, he is the General Manager of Fisherman's Restaurant in Kommetjie.

Originally from Kayole in Kenya, Joseph relocated to Cape Town in 2007 after completing his matric in 2005. He dabbled in sales before destiny brought him to Fisherman's Restaurant where he started out as a waiter. His work ethic and personal pride was soon noted by management, and his career took off.

Joseph is now responsible for staff management, labour relations, payroll and stock control, among other functions. After completing a Junior Bookkeeping Certificate at False Bay TVET College in 2013, Joseph felt much more competent to complete these managerial tasks.

Joseph is motivated by the need to provide for his immediate family, some of whom are still in Kenya, and says he draws strength from watching inspirational videos on YouTube. He says with conviction, "There are no quick fixes to success. You need to work hard and persevere. Don't give up and stay focused to achieve your goals."

Just 30 years old, Joseph is driven to grow his personal portfolio and is passionate about fitness. He is investigating further higher education, with a particular interest in financial management. Joseph would like to become a life coach, with a special focus on achieving physical optimisation.

We at False Bay TVET College would like to commend Joseph for the strides he is making towards achieving his goals and hope that he will continue to keep us abreast as he reaches his milestones.

Meet Leroy Rudolf

LeroyLeroy Rudolf works at Southern Wind Shipyard, an internationally acclaimed yacht building company in Cape Town. One of False Bay TVET College's very first Yacht and Boatbuilding graduates, Leroy studied Yacht and Boatbuilding in 2011. After just two years of employment at his company, Leroy was appointed the Constructional Fittings Supervisor at the age of 29.

Despite a childhood that wasn't always smooth sailing, Leroy joined his high school sailing team. After a sailing mishap left his boat in need of repair, he took on the challenge and succeeded in repairing the boat himself. One could say this is how it all started for him. Determined and self-motivated, he achieved his Yachtmasters after completing his matric in 2005 and tinkered about until he registered to attain his fundamentals, turning his passion into a career.

To some, the building of a 34-metre raw boat hull from resins is messy work. Yet the end result is magnificent, comparable to a 5-star, floating holiday home.

Leroy hopes to start his own project management company in the yacht repair industry. "The College has given me the necessary skills and opportunities to be able to make my dream a reality. Through the networks I have built through my experiences, I will continue to work towards achieving my goals," says Leroy.

We chatted to Andy Hetherington, the Assistant Coordinator of the Lamination Department at his company. He says, "Leroy is a rising star, because he is genuinely interested and motivated in making a career for himself in the industry. We recruit many of the College's graduates once they have graduated. Through the College's practical work experience component, we have an opportunity to hand pick the right calibre of student to join our company. You could almost say it's an extended interview process."

Leroy and his yachtsmen friends are on the brink of achieving a collective dream. Together they have purchased a 13-metre yacht for repair and have entered it to compete in the 2017 Cape to Rio sailing challenge.

Leroy is a true inspiration and we at False Bay TVET College wish him well in all his future adventures.

Meet Matthew Melidonis

MatthewWhat began as an opportunity to make some money after he completed his matric, turned out to be the starting point to owning a business. After matriculating, Matthew studied plumbing at False Bay TVET College, Westlake Campus. He has been operating his business, Hydroline Plumbing, for several years.

Committed to growing his business and taking pride in each job, Matthew is constantly looking for innovative ways to ensure his clients receive the best service experience. He still finds himself a student, enjoying learning from each challenging job.

A true professional, Matthew says, "my qualification allowed me to start my own business and equipped me with the knowledge base to begin a fruitful career." Although he finds it's not always an easy task being an employer, Matthew enjoys imparting knowledge and bringing a job to a successful conclusion.

A natural outdoors man, he takes pleasure in all that nature has to offer. Aside from volunteering at the National Sea Rescue Institute, he is an avid water sportsman and also a class 4 commercial diver.

We asked Matthew whether he expected any major changes in the plumbing industry in the next five to 10 years. Given that a large majority of the population still don't have access to the most basic plumbing requirements, he feels basic water and sanitation requirements for the most part will remain the same. "There are always new components and fixtures being introduced to the market, especially along the lines of sustainable water wise options, but the basic plumbing fundamentals will remain consistent," says Matthew. 

Meet Raymond Weels

RaymondA maintenance assistant in the bottling plant at Graham Beck Wines, Raymond Weels started his pursuit of higher education in 2002, completing his mechanical and welding programmes. Graham Beck Wines regularly invests in its staff's skills development and, after noting Raymond's ability and enthusiasm to learn, his employer offered him the opportunity to study Electrical Engineering. Raymond didn't hesitate to take on the challenge to formalise his practical experience in the electrical maintenance arena.

Raymond is now enjoying his journey of further growth. Nominated through his employer, he won in the Technical Operator category and was the Overall Winner of the Langerberg District Farm Worker Competition in 2016. A people's champion and valued employee, Raymond is currently completing his CBMT in Electrical Engineering with False Bay TVET College.

Born in Beaufort West, Raymond grew up on a farm. From an early age he displayed an artisan's aptitude and curiosity for solving electrical problems and mending damaged machinery. He says his interest in electrical engineering was 'sparked' when he first repaired his parents' electric stove.

Raymond is also ambitious, striving for manager status. He says, "My manager will call me if there is a problem on one of the machines. I will try to fix it. Many times I am able to solve the issue. If I am able to fix the problem, I feel more confident and my employer trusts me more."

An upstanding member of the community of Robertson, Raymond is a preacher at his local church and an inspiration to the youth. Honest and humble in nature, he acknowledges the individuals who allowed and encouraged him to excel. He says, "False Bay TVET College can help you achieve your dreams. They believe in the students and teach us the best possible skills."

Meet Roline Spees

RolinaRoline Spees studied Safety in Society at the Westlake campus in 2012 before taking up a position with the City of Cape Town as a law enforcement officer.

She says the Safety in Society course at False Bay TVET College enabled her to obtain the driver's licence and knowledge of policing and drilling skills required in her current position.

Growing up in Mitchell's Plain, she had always admired traffic officers, especially those on motorcycles. So when she found out about the Safety in Society course at False TVET Bay College she applied for it straight after matriculating.

"With all the bad things happening in the area it was really hard to stay focused. People used to ask me when I would complete my studies and looked at it as a waste of time," she says.

Roline deeply appreciates the assistance she got at False Bay TVET College, which included a bursary for the two years, "the best lecturers and a great study environment".

She credits much of her success to the mentoring and encouragement she received from her parents and from lecturers Mrs O Thomas, Mrs Weir, Mrs Seroko and Mrs Jordan. Advising students to stay focused and to pay careful attention to their lecturers Roline, who now aspires to a managerial position in law enforcement, says she strives to be a good example to the youth.

Meet Shakkila McAvoy

ShakkilaShakkila McAvoy completed a National Diploma in Educare at the Mitchell's Plain campus and is currently employed at Little Angels Educare, where she is the head teacher.

"I teach a class of 4 - 5 year olds. My tasks include ensuring that all staff do their duties and I help with lesson plans and administration. My qualification helped in landing employment and instilled in me great confidence for the work I do as a teacher," says Shakkila.

Shakkila found her vocation and passion for working with children when she started volunteering at a crèche. The children are her inspiration and she says educare teachers should always have the children's best interests at heart if they want to enjoy teaching.

Shakkila says False Bay TVET College motivated her by encouraging her to see each challenge as a learning curve and to help others. "All my lecturers had a great influence on the person that I have become. They always kept me on my toes. They taught me to think out of the box and be a practical teacher."

She adds, "I would like to thank all my lecturers and my mentor, Mrs L Basson, for showing me kindness and allowing me to try out my practical teaching."

Shakkila says the hugs, smiles and conversations of the children make her "laugh from the inside". She intends pursuing her B.Ed degree and a course in psychology.

Meet Sisonke Nkekana

SisonkeSisonke Nkekana is a 25-year-old False Bay TVET College Automotive Body and Repair NC(V) student who started out as an intern at the Williams Hunt vehicle dealership in Bellville but has fast become a valued member of staff. She is currently employed as a junior service advisor.

Originally from the Eastern Cape, she relocated to Cape Town in 2004, and completed her matric in 2011. She fully enjoyed the benefits of student life while at False Bay TVET College, and fondly reminisces about her days as a member of the Student Representative Council.

She says, "I am grateful for all the additional support and extra classes provided by my lecturer, Mr Visagie. It was through his commitment to each student's success that I developed resilience and a determination to excel. False Bay TVET College has given me the opportunity, understanding and skills to be able to work in a field I am passionate about."

Sisonke is responsible for specialised communications relating to vehicle servicing and repairs. She has grown in her role, and aspires to be a professional service advisor in the vehicle sales industry. Popular among her colleagues and clients, her manager at Williams Hunt says, "Sisonke is confident in her role, reliable and dependable. We enjoy having her as part of the team."

Sisonke's success didn't happen overnight and she recalls an occasion that left her confidence shaken when she was still new to the industry. But Sisonke is a strong believer in swimming against the tide, taking on challenges and proving her unique value. A sassy young lady, she is passionate about service delivery.

We wish Sisonke all the best for her future and hope that she continues to grow in all aspects of her life journey.

Meet Werner Reichert

WernerWerner Reichert has been senior sous chef at Rob's Golf Cuisine at the Steenberg Golf Club since 2011. Werner is responsible for the food and beverage operations, manages the kitchen and junior staff, and ensures the best quality is maintained.

Currently residing in Diep River, Werner grew up in Tokai surrounded by a tight-knit community. It was through these relationships that he first came to learn about food and cooking.

Werner studied Professional Cookery at False Bay TVET College in 2006. He topped his class, receiving the award for best Hospitality student in 2006, which is testament to his character and work ethic.

Werner is determined to climb the corporate ladder and achieve success in all aspects of his life. He says he's grateful to Ms Herne and Ms Kleintjies for their valuable contributions during his False Bay TVET College days.

Expressing his appreciation of Robert Heeger, his current employer, for sharing with him all the tricks of the trade, Werner says, "The food service delivery industry is constantly changing, with new trends and foods being introduced. I am in the fortunate position to be catering to a market that welcomes innovative culinary experiences, which gives me a chance to provide exceptional dining experiences. This makes my career very rewarding."

Werner, we hope that you will continue to represent the College in a favourable manner and we wish you well in all your future endeavours.

Meet Zonke Sigaba

ZonkeZonke Sigaba is a 25-year-old resident of Khayelitsha with a bright future ahead of her. She had a period of uncertainty after completing her matric, when she was unsure of what field of interest she should pursue. Her family members and friends encouraged her to complete an assessment with False Bay TVET College, and the results recommended she pursue an electrical trade.

Zonke was popular with her lecturers and peers, who recall her electrifying smile when she was able to demonstrate how much she had learnt. She completed her Electrical Infrastructure Construction (NCV) with False Bay TVET College in 2012, aided by a bursary awarded by Eskom, where she now works as a learner artisan.

"Who would have thought that a PACE test and my school results would help put me onto this path of success? I certainly didn't consider it initially, but now I am so glad I took the right steps to get me here today. I am still scared of working in a previously male-dominated industry, but some of my peers are women too, wanting to be electricians, and that makes me feel better."

Zonke speaks positively about her future, and feels strongly it is within her abilities to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

We wish Zonke all of the best in her career knowing that she will continue to be a beacon of hope in her community.