2D Animation Portfolio Requirements

To date, we have not received funding for the 2D Animation course for 2021. 
If you want to apply for any other course, please do so as we cannot guarantee that the course will be offered for 2021.

Your 2D Animation Portfolio submission should consist of the following:

  • Model sheet: Draw a character of your choice in three positions, from the front, from the side, and doing something i.e. fighting a monster, sitting down, sweeping the yard (Posed).
  • Drawing: Set up a still life by placing 3 to 5 items on a table. Use a pencil to draw a picture of the items on a table.
  • Story Board: Divide a page into six blocks. Using the six pictures illustrate how to cook eggs.
  • Writing: Complete the following story: Walking home from a friend's house, you see an alien ship land. Using less than 500 words, explain what happened next.

All drawings submitted must be on paper, no bigger than A3, and must be clearly marked with your name and submitted with the application form attached.