Message from the College Council Chairperson

Message from the College Council Chairperson
Ms Zoliswa Lonja

It is my honour and privilege to serve as Chairwoman of the False Bay TVET College Council.

When I was first approached to assist, I never dreamed that I would steer a course in a leadership role. However my passion and love for False Bay TVET College has ensured my commitment to overcoming the challenges in partnership with the exceptional men and women on the Council.

The co-operative power of strong administrative leadership and support and the devotion of College management, staff, students and alumni consistently propel its progress and proud achievements forward.

A window into some of the College success stories reveals the proliferation of good news, which includes: accolades and awards received, exciting student exchange programmes, and a reputation as the leading 21st Century TVET College. To add to this, student enrolment is at an all-time high with demand and growth expected to continue at an accelerated rate.
We look forward to welcoming students into the future with high school grade pass rates and impressive academic credentials and to attract learners to the opportunities available in occupational training.

The Council is committed to continue shining in 5 key areas: academic excellence, research and innovation, diversity, global engagement, and – linking every goal – to the mandate of enhancing the well-being and quality of life of South African citizens. My passion is the success of our students. I am always so proud to see how young people grow and mature readying themselves to tackle and change the world.

Our goal is to provide a state of the art academic education within a friendly caring community. Our concern is the pursuit of each student’s academic excellence. We seek to develop the love and enjoyment of learning as well as the intellectual curiosity that inspires it.

I want to align myself with the statement from my predecessor who said “False Bay TVET College’s sound financial performance, cutting edge e-learning delivery and flourishing job placement programme are all markers of a well-run institution”. (Luzuko Mdunyelwa: 2013).

We realize the challenge in education today is not only about choosing between new and old methodologies and institutions, but indeed about the quality of education which nurtures creativity, fosters the development of a healthy mind, encourages positive thinking and dynamism.

It is our firm belief that education finally leads to a higher level of awareness, societal commitment, resource utilization, lab to land transfer of knowledge and creation of better and diverse career opportunities for students and scholars. That is, education is fundamental in shaping holistic and socially conscious citizens who hold the power to shape more cohesive, inclusive and balanced societies.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

The contemporary workplace has become a dynamic environment where ideas are vigorously exchanged. False Bay College instils these values in their students who share in the Vision & Mission of the College and work to develop the professional skills required of global citizens without compromising any person’s cultural and religious beliefs.

Through innovative methodologies we shall ensure that everyone associated with the college contributes to the idea of inclusive growth and dissemination of knowledge in society.

As the council we will ensure that we are guided by the key principles of good governance in the Public Sector such as;

  • Acting in the public interest;
  • A strong commitment to integrity, ethical values, and the rule of law,
  • Openness and comprehensive stakeholder engagement;
  • Managing risks and performance through robust internal control and strong public financial management.

As we enter 2019, we strive to create a year of fulfilled potential and inspired learning.

Thank you all for your participation in making this possible!