False Bay College

Student Success Story - Nyasha Kaseke

Age: 26
She completed her NC (V) Office Administration L2- L4 from 2009 – 2011, and is now enrolled for her National N Diploma in Business Management at Fish Hoek Campus.  Nyasha received a Provincial Award for your outstanding achievement in the 2011 National exams for FET Colleges.  

What made you decide to study at False Bay College?
My Mother wanted me to study nursing and I did not want to and so I did not submit my application letter but started working for a year at a pre-school in Lotus River.
One day I thought of my life and what it would be like to work like this for the rest of my life. I thought of my mum and how she struggled for me and my family to be who we are today. During my lunch break I read the People’s Post and saw the False Bay College advert. Then I told myself I must apply and start studying. I asked around, and the good reputation of the college made me decide to enrol.

What is your secret for success?
Hard work, dedication, self-motivation and asking for help where I don’t understand and forming study groups. My family and friends motivate and support me too.

What words of encouragement would you like to share with other learners?
Work hard, be dedicated, motivate yourself, form a study group. Do your best to make your dream a reality. Study in the early hours of the morning, while your mind is still fresh. Never loss hope, you can study at any age. Don’t stop following your dreams. Put God first, in everything. When you are given the chance to study hold on to it and make it happen.

What are your hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future?
I hope to get more experience when I complete my N6. I hope to able to help those who dream of studying and to motivate others in life. I aspire to be a successful business woman, to further my studies and do a Degree, then Honours and complete my Master’s degree.